Whether transmitting critical medical information, reporting breaking news or linking people with family and friends, communications systems connect the world. And designers of these broadband systems have come to rely on Analog Devices to make a difference in their designs. That’s why virtually every wireless call, text, picture or download today passes through an ADI IC. Analog Devices broad portfolio of RF ICs, data converters, clocks, amplifiers and power technologies enable the low power, high capacity, and cost-effective results demanded in the network of point-to-point communications systems, private mobile radios, and wireless infrastructure equipment.

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  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Analog Devices is the authority for signal processing in wireless infrastructure applications from macro to femto cellular base stations and point-to-point data links.

    Wireless Base Station Signal Chains

    Clock Generation
    Direct Conversion Receiver
    DPD Observation Receiver 1
    DPD Observation Receiver 2
    DPD Observation Receiver 3
    IF Sampling Receiver
    Power Amplifier Circuits
    Rx Power Solution
    Transmitter MSDPD
    Tx Power Solution
    ZIF/CIF Integrated Transmitter
  • Networking
  • ADI is a leading supplier of networking solutions for both the Service Provider and Enterprise market segments. We have the drivers, switches, clocks, power and interface products needed for today’s high-speed networks.

  • Optical
  • Analog Devices' advanced signal processing ICs can be found today in applications such as opto-electronic conversion systems, backplane transmission equipment, and clock generation and distribution solutions.

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New Products

  • ADUM4190

    The ADuM4190 is an isolated error amplifier based on Analog Devices, Inc., iCoupler® technology. The ADuM4190 is ideal for linear feedback power supplies. The primary side controllers of the ADuM4190 enable improvements in transient response, power density, and stability as compared to commonly used optocoupler and shunt regulator solutions.

    Unlike optocoupler-based solutions, MoreRead more

    ADuM4190 Diagram

    - 5kV rms Isolated Error Amplifier

  • ADUM3190

    The ADuM3190 is an isolated error amplifier based on Analog Devices, Inc. iCoupler® technology. The ADuM3190 is ideal for linear feedback power supplies with primary side controllers enabling improvements in transient response, power density and stability as compared to commonly used optocoupler and shunt regulator solutions.

    Unlike optocoupler-based solutions, which have an MoreRead more

    ADuM3190 Functional Block Diagram

    - 2.5kV rms Isolated Error Amplifier

  • AD6659

    The AD6659 is a mixed-signal, dual-channel IF receiver supporting radio topologies requiring two receiver signal paths, such as in main/diversity or direct conversion. This communications systems processor consists of two high performance analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and noise shaping requantizer (NSR) digital blocks. It is designed to support various commu-nications applications where high MoreRead more

    Functional Block Diagram for AD6659

    - Dual IF Receiver

  • ADL5536

    The ADL5536 is a 20 dB linear amplifier that operates at frequencies up to 1 GHz. The device can be used in a wide variety of cellular, CATV, military, and instrumentation equipment.

    The ADL5536 provides the highest dynamic range available from an internally matched IF gain block. This is accomplished by providing extremely low noise figures and very high OIP3 specifications simultaneously MoreRead more

    ADL5536 Diagram

    - 20 MHz TO 1.0 GHz IF Gain Block



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